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Amp Game Server

Install the CubeCoders AMP (Application Management Panel) game server manager on Debian 10 in a VM. (Use Debian 9 in future to avoid issues with Java)

  • Acquire licence from
  • Install a minimal server Debian 10 in a VM with enough RAM and storage for the desired servers
  • Make sure all updates are installed sudo apt update then sudo apt upgrade
  • Install Java 8:
    • Since OpenJDK 8 is no longer available for Debian 10, install the openjdk-8-jre-headless deb from the debian stretch repository
  • Shutdown, create VM snapshot, and start the VM again
  • Mount a NFS share to use for game backups FIXME not sure if should be before or after install
  • Run as root bash <(wget -qO- and follow instructions
  • Apply licence key
  • Shutdown, create VM snapshot, and start the VM again


  • Ignore the ADS01 instance created by default, it is the base instance of the management website and is already effectively the instance being managed, it can theoretically be renamed using: FIXME: Not actually working
  • ampinstmgr ReconfigureInstance ADS01 +Core.AMP.FriendlyName "ADS(Ignore)"
  • Right-click on an instance in ADS to edit the port bindings, view data, update, or delete the instance
  • After creating a game instance and configuring, click update on the status page to download the game initially before attempting to start it.


  • The management page shows when an update is needed
  • Warning: Updating restarts all game servers!
  • Check for update notes
  • Run as root from the ESXi interface (because root is blocked from ssh)
  • Update the instance manager command line tool:
  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • Update the AMP instances
  • runuser -l AMP -c "ampinstmgr upgradeall"
  • Use Shift+F5 or Shift+Command+R to refresh with a clear cache after updating


8080/TCP      https Web Interface
8081:8180/TCP Instance management (FIXME: Not sure if need forwarding?)

7777:7877/TCP     RCON
21025:21125/TCP   Starbound
25565:25665/Both  Minecraft
27015:27115/Both  Source engine games
28015:28115/Both  Rust
34197:34297/UDP   Factorio
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