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 +Enable passthrough for the Intel AHCI controller, specifically the Union Point controller from the Kaby Lake chipset.
 +  * Activate the ssh service in Vsphere Client.
 +  * Use Putty or any other terminal program to connect to you Esxi SSH server.
 +  * Use vi, for example: vi /​etc/​vmware/​
 +  * Add these 2 lines at the bottom of the file (for other controllers replace the first two numbers with values from ''​lspci -v''​):​
 +# Intel Union Point AHCI
 +8086 a282 d3d0 false
 +  * Use ''​ESC''​ then '':​wq''​ to save and quit vi.
 +  * Reboot the Esxi server.
 +  * Add the AHCI controller to the passthrough devices and reboot the Esxi server again.
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