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This guide assumes you are using ESXI with passthrough for storage disks and a faster datastore drive.

  • Follow the setup options in the guide below with the following changes:
    • Change DiskIdxMap=0C SataPortMap=1 to DiskIdxMap=0C0001 SataPortMap=11 in the set sata_args line in grub.cfg (This limits the two esxi sata controllers to one disk each)
    • Add another sata controller
    • Add a small (20GB? depending on which/how many packages one wants) drive
  • Create a Storage Pool for the small ESXI virtual drive
  • Create another Storage Pool for the storage drives
  • Create an ext4 volume on the first storage pool
  • Create a BTRFS volume on the second storage pool
  • Install all packages to the first volume for speed
  • Install the open-vm-tools package
  • Set up File Services
  • Set up Notifications
  • Add Users
  • Other stuff…
  • Shut down and create a snapshot in ESXI then start the VM again
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