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 +=====Icon Overlay Issue=====
 +TortoiseSVN and TortoiseGit both use the same nine icons, Dropbox uses eight, and if you have OneDrive installed (which you will if you use Windows 8 or above) then it uses three. And Windows itself uses a few to indicate offline files or enhanced storage. That’s 22 icon overlays.
 +The problem is that each of these applications uses multiple overlay icons but Windows only uses the first 15.
 +The icon overlays can be found in the following key:
 +It turns out you can safely rename the folders which will reorder the icons.
 +  * Navigate to the above location in the registry.
 +  * Export (backup) the ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers folder in its entirety, in case you need to restore it later.
 +  * Rename the folders so that the ones that you want are in the first 15 sorted alphabetically (Use spaces or numbers, or '​x'​ to push to the bottom).
 +  * Restart Explorer (Right-click > restart, in Task Manager).
 +Attempt to stop applications from changing the order (this is likely to cause problems when adding a new program that uses overlays):
 +  * Go to the registry key ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers
 +  * Right click > Permissions… > Advanced
 +  * Now disable inheritance,​ take ownership of this key and check “Replace all child permission..”
 +  * Once you are the owner of the key you can permanently remove OneDrive / Dropbox or whatever keys you do not need.
 +  * To secure this key from future edits make it read-only for the SYSTEM user.
 +Can also try to use [[https://​​utils/​shexview.html|ShellExView]] to disable unused Icon Overlay Handlers.
 +Annoyingly both Dropbox and OneDrive have also resorted adding spaces in front of their names to exploit this, instead of getting microsoft to fix the 15 limit.
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