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Sublime Text

  • Install Python if not already installed
  • Follow instructions to install on Package Control
  • Ctrl+Shift+p then type “Adv Install” (Should select Package Control: Advanced Install Package)
  • Paste the following list: SublimeLinter,SublimeLinter-annotations,SublimeLinter-cppcheck,SublimeLinter-cpplint,SublimeLinter-pylint,Compare Side-By-Side,Increment Selection
  • Run the following in an administrator cmd.exe window:
    • pip install cpplint
    • pip install pylint
  • Install Cppcheck (Deselect GUI during installation)
  • Ensure the installed packages can be accessed from the PATH by running them in the cmd window
  • Download and extract the contents into %appdata%\Sublime Text 3\Packages\User

Optionally also follow: No Extension Association

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