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Windows Server


  • Install Windows Server 2019 FIXME
  • In ESXi:
    • 2 Cores, 5GB Memory, 50GB+ Hard disk on an NVME controller
    • Add a sound card
  • Update & Security > For Developers > Developer mode
  • Apply desired settings changes further down page
  • Desktop:
    • View > Small icons
    • Move Recycle Bin to corner
    • Click on the audio icon on the taskbar and then enable the audio service
    • Pin to taskbar:
      • Resource monitor
      • Command Prompt
      • PowerShell
      • Registry Editor
      • Event Viewer
      • Server Manager
  • Explorer Folder options:
    • Deselect Show recently used files/folders in Quick access
    • Expand to open folder
  • Download Sysinternals AutoLogin and configure auto login
  • Server Manager > Manage > Server Manager Properties > Enable Do not start Server Manager automatically at logon

Network Drives

  • Note: Replace the Arguments line in the following with:
/c "net use W: "\\FileServer\Music" & net use X: "\\FileServer\Software" & net use Y: "\\FileServer\Downloads" & net use Z: "\\FileServer\Dereks Backups""
  • Open the network tab in Explorer and connect to the network share to authenticate for the first time, make sure to select Remember my credentials
  • Open Task Scheduler
  • Action > Create Task
  • General:
    • Name > Reconnect Network Drives
    • Run only when user is logged on
    • Configure for > Windows 10
  • Triggers > New:
    • Begin the task > At startup
  • Conditions > Network > Start only if the following network connections are available
  • Actions > New:
    • Action > Start a program
    • Program/Script > cmd.exe
    • Add arguments:
/c "net use R: "\\FileServer\Public" & net use S: "\\FileServer\Documents" & net use T: "\\FileServer\Photos" & net use U: "\\FileServer\Music" & net use V: "\\FileServer\Video" & net use W: "\\FileServer\Software" & net use X: "\\FileServer\Dereks Documents" & net use Y: "\\FileServer\Downloads" & net use Z: "\\FileServer\Dereks Backups""
  • Download and run the following file to make the change to the registry:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
2018/07/17 12:34 · derek
  • Install WinRAR:
    • Download and open the 48x36 Classic Theme
    • Copy the licence key file into its install folder
    • Settings > Integration > Context menu items:
      • Deselect both email options
      • Deselect both Open with WinRAR options
  • Install iTunes Desktop:
    • Deselect Use iTunes as the default player for audio files
    • Deselect Automatically update iTunes and other Apple software
    • Default iTunes language: > English (United Kingdom)
    • Install
    • Agree to restart Windows
  • Run iTunes, agree to the licence agreement, agree to sharing details, and then close iTunes
    • Take a snapshot of the Music share in XPEnology
    • Delete the %USERPROFILE%\Music\iTunes, and %APPDATA%\Apple Computer\MobileSync folders
    • Run the following in cmd.exe (Change target locations as needed)
      • MKLINK /D "%USERPROFILE%\Music\iTunes" "W:\iTunes"
      • MKLINK /D "%APPDATA%\Apple Computer\MobileSync" "Z:\MobileSync"
    • Run iTunes and verify it is using the wanted library
    • Account > Sign in
    • Open Task Scheduler and import the Daily restart iTunes.xml file; which mainly does the following things:
      • Triggers:
        • At log on, delayed by 30 seconds
        • Daily at 12:01PM, delayed up to 30 mins
      • 3 Start a program actions in this order:
        • taskkill /im itunes.exe (Gracefully shuts iTunes down as long as it's not syncing or a dialog box is up)
        • timeout /t 20 /nobreak (Waits 20 seconds to make sure it shutdown properly)
        • C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe
      • Conditions:
        • Start the task only if idle for 5 mins
        • Start only if any network connection is available
  • Setup WiFi sync:
    • Connect an iPhone via USB to the server
    • ESXi > Windows Server VM > Edit > Add other device > USB device > USB Device 1 > Select Apple iPhone > Save
    • Enter your password into the iPhone to Trust the computer
    • iTunes:
      • Navigate to the iPhone > Summary:
        • Backups > Automatically Back up > Select This Computer > Enable Encrypt local backup
        • Stop the backup that is automatically started
        • Options:
          • Enable Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected
          • Enable Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi
        • Apply
    • iPhone:
      • Disconnect the iPhone's cable
      • Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync > Start now
    • Repeat for any other iPhones/Devices
  • Shutdown the VM
  • In ESXI try disabling the Lock the guest operating system when the last remote user disconnects option for this VM, if this doesn't work try:
  • ESXI > Storage > Datastore Browser:
    • Navigate to this VM
    • Download the .vmx file
    • Edit the file to change tools.guest.desktop.autolock = "TRUE" to = "FALSE"
    • Upload the file back to the datastore
  • Start the VM



  • Install Windows Updates
  • Update iTunes
  • Veeam:
    • Describe update Process
    2020/05/12 07:06 · derek


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