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DocuWiki is an Open Source wiki software that doesn't require a database, using plain text files to define the pages instead.


Set up a private DocuWiki instance:

  • Go to the cpanel at
  • Software > Softaculous Apps Installer
  • Edit Settings
  • Add external backup location, e.g. Dropbox
  • Search for DocuWiki
  • Click install now
  • Fill in details
  • Under advanced settings set automatic backup
  • Install
  • Go to the installation URL that was entered and login
  • Admin:
    • Configuration Manager:
      • Display > Typography > None
      • Save
    • Extension Manager > Search and Install:
      • Search for and install:
        • TemplatePageName plugin
        • Include Plugin
  • Go to https://<url>/i_template
    • Create the page
    • Enter the text from the below code block and save
  • Start creating pages

Global template code:

Explain the page/service.

Overview of setup.

  * Setup
  * steps

<code batch batch.bat>
Downloadable batch file

  * Describe update Process
  * Include in update all page using ''%%{{page>@ID@#Update}}%%''
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