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Add custom search engines in Chrome and Firefox In Chrome, right-click on the address bar and choose "Edit Search Engines". You can edit existing ones or add your own, giving them a name, URL and a keyword that you'll type to initiate the search. Firefox users just need to create a bookmark with the necessary name, URL, and keyword, and it'll work like a custom search engine when you type that keyword into your browser.

Name:    Current Site
Keyword: cs
URL:     javascript:location=''%20+%20escape(location.hostname)%20+%20'%20%S'%20;%20void%200
Name:    Is It Down
Keyword: down
URL:     javascript:location=''%20+%20escape(location.hostname)%20+%20'%20'%20;%20void%200
Name:    Wiki TV Episodes
Keyword: ep
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